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Macabre: Murder Metal (Colored Red Cassette, Remastered) Cassette

Murder Metal (Colored Red Cassette, Remastered)
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Come one, come all to the demented, heinous bloodbath of a murder metal circus! In 2020 Macabre released "Carnival of Killers", their first record in almost 10 years, following 2011's "Grim Scary Tales". Nuclear Blast is honored to reissue four of the band's celebrated and long out of print catalog titles. Prepare for a gore filled thrill ride from a band that originated in the 80's yet progresses to the edge of modern metal with clear production, expanded variety, and with a whole mess of nostalgic pleasure.

  • 1 Acid Bath Vampire 
  • 2 You're Dying to Be with Me 
  • 3 Fatal Foot Fetish 
  • 4 The Hillside Stranglers 
  • 5 Dorthea's Dead Folks Home 
  • 6 The Iceman 
  • 7 Poison 
  • 8 Werewolf of Bedburg 
  • 9 Morbid Minister 
  • 10 The Wüstenfeld Man Eater 
  • 11 Diary of Torture 
  • 12 Jack the Ripper 
  • 13 Fritz Haarmann Der Metzger


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