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Behemoth: In Absentia Dei (2-CD) CD-Audio

In Absentia Dei (2-CD)
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Two CDs. 2021 live release from the Polish extreme metal band. When the band, like all the bands, couldn't tour because of COVID, they decided the logical response was to do a live-streamed performance from a church with movie-level production values. Dubbed In Absentia Dei, it was a triumph. "In Absentia Dei was a massive challenge and a huge risk, but it was a great artistic and commercial success," says Nergal. "The response was absolutely brilliant - we made a statement with this performance and set the bar high. I hope that we can continue to raise the bar with the projects to come!"


    Act I  
1-1   Evoe 6:07
1-2   Wolves Ov Siberia 2:55
1-3   Prometherion 3:30
1-4   From The Pagan Vastlands 3:25
    Act II  
1-5   Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel 5:36
1-6   Antichristian Phenomenon 5:28
1-7   Conquer All 4:15
1-8   Lucifer 8:50
    Act III  
2-1   Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer 7:50
2-2   Satan's Sword (I Have Become) 6:08
2-3   Ov Fire And The Void 5:21
2-4   Chwała Mordercom Wojciecha 4:48
2-5   As Above So Below 6:16
2-6   Slaves Shall Serve 3:33
2-7   Chant For Ezkaton 2000 E.V. 5:38
    Act IV  
2-8   Sculpting The Throne Ov Seth 6:56
2-9   Bartzabel 5:03
2-10   Decade Ov Therion 3:22
2-11   O Father O Satan O Sun! 10:43


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