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The Pineapple Thief: It Leads To This (Digipack CD) CD-Audio

It Leads To This (Digipack CD)
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Recorded September 2020 to July 2023, the record took shape slowly but surely as the band meticulously perfected their sound. Often guarded, 'It Leads To This' keeps its ace in the pack up its sleeve, biding its time until all the right pieces fall in place, giving way to a beautiful, cinematic experience on every track. Conceptually the record is Soord's efforts to better understand himself & the world around him.

Opening with the coy melodies of 'Put It Right' before moving into the metallic groove of 'Rubicon', the album builds to the heart of the record with the epic title track, the cathartic 'The Frost', followed by an introspective 'All That's Left'. The ominous 'Now It's Yours' & 'Every Trace Of Us' keep the foreboding atmosphere topped up whilst delivering The Pineapple Thief's signature dynamism, closing the record with the haunting 'To Forget'.

One of the leading lights in Europe's experimental rock domain, The Pineapple Thief were formed in 1999 by founder & chief songwriter Bruce Soord. 'It Leads To This' is their 14th studio album. The line-up has remained solid since 2016's game-changing 'Your Wilderness': Bruce Soord (guitar/vocals), Jon Sykes (bass/backing vocals), Gavin Harrison (drums/percussion) & Steve Kitch (keyboards). 'Your Wilderness' made the UK Album Chart Top 75 with 2018 follow-up 'Dissolution' peaking at #36, alongside #1 UK Rock & Metal, #22 German album chart & #4 Netherlands Platomania album chart.

Whilst not only a phenomenal musician but Bruce has also been instrumental in many stereo & immersive remixes of albums, being at the technological forefront & a 'go to' guy for 5.1 Surround & Dolby Atmos mixing. The Pineapple Thief previously released their early years collection 'How Did We Find Our Way 1999 - 2006' in 2023 with Bruce Soord also releasing his third solo album 'Luminescence' to critical acclaim, supported on the road in autumn 2023.


  • 1 Put It Right
  • 2 Rubicon
  • 3 It Leads to This
  • 4 The Frost
  • 5 All That's Left
  • 6 Now It's Yours
  • 7 Every Trace of Us
  • 8 To Forget