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Korpiklaani: Jylha CD-Audio

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2021 release. Korpiklaani are unique. Their blend of Finnish folk music and heavy metal is like no other. Like traditional folk music that tells tales of joy, heartbreak and stories of old, Korpiklaani brings new life to these tales adding the high energy of rock 'n roll and heavy metal. What you hear on record is what you hear live; authentic, honest and a lot of fun. Korpiklaani is a natural representation of our journey in this life, bringing music and emotions that can have you dancing all night, to quiet moments of melancholy. Jylhä continues this journey with a collection of tales of folklore, nature, celebration and three stories of murder, including the infamous Lake Bodom murders.

  • 1 Verikoira
  • 2 Niemi
  • 3 Leväluhta
  • 4 Mylly
  • 5 Tuuleton
  • 6 Sanaton Maa
  • 7 Kiuru
  • 8 Miero
  • 9 Pohja
  • 10 Huolettomat
  • 11 Anolan Aukeat
  • 12 Pidot
  • 13 Juuret


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