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James LaBrie's MullMuzzler: Keep It To Yourself (Digipack Packaging) CD-Audio

Keep It To Yourself (Digipack Packaging)
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The 1999 debut album from progressive metal side project founded by one of the most recognizable and respected vocalists in modern metal, Dream Theater's James LaBrie!

Includes musical support from some serious heavy hitters including Stratovarius keyboardist Matt Guillory, Steve Vai collaborator Mike Keneally, bassist for Joe Satriani Bryan Beller and more! First time available as a digipak CD!

  • 1 His Voice 
  • 2 Statued 
  • 3 Shores of Avalon 
  • 4 Beelzebubba 
  • 5 Guardian Angel 
  • 6 Sacrifice 
  • 7 Lace 
  • 8 Slow Burn 
  • 9 As a Man Thinks


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