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Various: Fame, The Kids From Fame (LP Usado) LP Usados

Fame, The Kids From Fame (LP Usado)
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The Kids from "Fame" was the group name of several cast members from the US TV series Fame who had a number of hit singles and albums at the height of the show's success in the UK. This success culminated in tours of the UK where they performed live in concert. A live album was subsequently released The main vocalists of the group were Debbie Allen (as Lydia), Valerie Landsburg (as Doris), Erica Gimpel (as Coco), Carlo Imperato (as Danny), Gene Anthony Ray (as Leroy), Lee Curreri (as Bruno), Lori Singer (as Julie) and P.R. Paul (as Montgomery). ALSO From the NBC TV Series of the same name. This album achieved number 1 on the UK charts. The UK Version and the U.S. version were released at the same time Catalogue numer RCA Victor ‎– AFL1-4525 was a U.S. Production The UK version is: BBC KID LP 004 The FRENCH version is: RCA PL 14525 SIDE ONE SONGS A1 Be Your Own Hero 3:23 A2 Just Like You 3:33 A3 There's A Train 3:28 A4 Mannequin 3:04 A5 Could We Be Magic Like You 3:12 A6 Lay Back And Be Cool 3:21 SIDE 2 SONGS B1 Songs 3:13 B2 Body Language 3:17 B3 Beautiful Dreamer 3:20 B4 Dancing Endlessly 3:20 B5 Bet Your Life It's Me 3:30

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