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Krisiun: Mortem Solis (Digipack Packaging) CD-Audio

Mortem Solis (Digipack Packaging)
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2022 release. The masters of the Brazilian old school death metal Krisiun are back. After their last album "Scourge of the Enthroned", which was released in 2018, the three Sao Paulo brothers deliver another board-hard and incredibly strong new studio album. On "Mortem Solis" Krisiun convince with precise riffs and hard-hitting sound with the active support of Mark Lewis (production and mix).

    Sworn Enemies  3:47
    Serpent Messiah  4:38
    Swords Into Flesh 4:20
    Necronomical  4:12
    Tomb Of The Nameless  4:28
    Dawn Sun Carnage (Intro) 1:34
    Temple Of The Abattoir  5:23
    War Blood Hammer  4:08
    As Angels Burn  3:09
    Worm God  4:42
    Bonus Track  
    Death Of The Sun 3:30


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