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Leaves' Eyes: Myths Of Fate (2-CD Digipack Packaging) CD-Audio

Myths Of Fate (2-CD Digipack Packaging)
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Symphonic metal vikings Leaves' Eyes have always played in a league of their own. Whoever saw one of their elaborate music videos or one of their spectacular live shows with breathtaking stage scenery, can vouch for that. With their new album "Myths of Fate" they are back stronger than ever with a new musical monument. You can expect captivating symphonic metal with ethereal melodies, powerful vocals, epic tales and rich instrumentation. On March 22, 2024 "Myths of Fate" will be released in several limited vinyl variations, limited 2CD digipak and digital.

  • 1 Forged By Fire
  • 2 Realm of Dark Waves
  • 3 Who Wants to Live Forever
  • 4 Hammer of the Gods
  • 5 In Eternity
  • 6 Fear the Serpent
  • 7 Goddess of the Night
  • 8 Sons of Triglav
  • 9 Elder Spirit
  • 10 Einherjar
  • 11 Sail with the Dead
  • 12 Forged By Fire (Bonus- Instrumental Version)
  • 13 Realm of Dark Waves (Bonus- Instrumental Version)
  • 14 Who Wants to Live Forever (Bonus- Instrumental Version)
  • 15 Hammer of the Gods (Bonus- Instrumental Version)
  • 16 In Eternity (Bonus- Instrumental Version)
  • 17 Fear the Serpent (Bonus- Instrumental Version)
  • 18 Goddess of the Night (Bonus- Instrumental Version)
  • 19 Sons of Triglav (Bonus- Instrumental Version)
  • 20 Elder Spirit (Bonus- Instrumental Version)
  • 21 Einherjar (Bonus- Instrumental Version)
  • 22 Sail with the Dead (Bonus- Instrumental Version)