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Rage Against The Machine: Rage Against The Machine XX [20th Anniversary] [2CD + 1DVD] CD-Audio

Rage Against The Machine XX [20th Anniversary] [2CD + 1DVD]
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2 CD/1 DVD. Rage Against the Machine is often cited as one of the greatest and most influential Rock albums of all time. During their initial nine-year run, the band became one of the most popular and influential bands in music history. Probably the first album to successfully merge the seemingly disparate sounds of Rap and Heavy Metal, Rage Against the Machine was groundbreaking enough when released in 1992, but many would argue that it has yet to be surpassed in terms of influence and sheer brilliance - though countless bands have certainly tried.


    Rage Against The Machine  
CD1-1   Bombtrack 4:04
CD1-2   Killing In The Name 5:14
CD1-3   Take The Power Back 5:37
CD1-4   Settle For Nothing 4:48
CD1-5   Bullet In The Head 5:09
CD1-6   Know Your Enemy 4:55
CD1-7   Wake Up 6:04
CD1-8   Fistful Of Steel 5:31
CD1-9   Township Rebellion 5:24
CD1-10   Freedom 6:06
    Bonus Tracks  
CD1-11   Bombtrack (Live) 5:53
CD1-12   Bullet In The Head (Live) 5:44
CD1-13   Take The Power Back (Live) 6:14
    The Original Demos  
CD2-1   Bombtrack 4:05
CD2-2   Take The Power Back 5:40
CD2-3   Bullet In The Head 5:09
CD2-4   Darkness Of Greed 3:40
CD2-5   Clear The Lane 3:48
CD2-6   Township Rebellion 4:19
CD2-7   Know Your Enemy 3:56
CD2-8   Mindset's A Threat 6:28
CD2-9   Killing In The Name 4:07
CD2-10   Auto Logic 4:35
CD2-11   The Narrows 5:40
CD2-12   Freedom
    Music Videos  
DVD-1   Killing In The Name (1992)
DVD-2   Bombtrack (1993)
DVD-3   Freedom (1993)
    Live Clips  
    Vic Theatre 1993  
DVD-4   Take The Power Back
    Soundstage Performance 1992  
DVD-5   Bombtrack
    Nomads 1992  
DVD-6   Wake Up


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