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Necrophobic: SPAWNED BY EVIL (RE-ISSUE 2022) CD-Audio

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Reissue of this 1996 EP from the Swedish blackened death metal band. In addition to the 1996 released title track "Spawned By Evil" and the three cover tracks - "Die By The Sword" by Slayer, "Nightmare" by Venom and "Enter The Eternal Fire" by Bathory - this re-issue features two previously unreleased tracks from 1994 and additional cover versions such as Autopsy's "Ridden With Disease", Iron Maiden's "Moonchild" and Celtic Frost's "Into The Crypts Of Rays".

1   Spawned By Evil
2   Die By The Sword
Written-By – Slayer
3   Nightmare
Written-By – Venom (8)
4   Enter The Eternal Fire
Written-By – Bathory
5   Ridden With Disease
Written-By – Autopsy (2)
6   Moonchild
Written-By – Iron Maiden
7   Black Moon Rising
8   The Call
9   Darkside
10   Into The Crypts Of Rays


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