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McC (Magna Carta Cartel): The Dying Option CD-Audio

The Dying Option
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MCC [Magna Carta Cartel] broke the 5 years silence with the new speaker-breaking single "Silence", the first from their long awaited second album "The Dying Option" - An album best described as rock music from the world of dreams. Led by Martin Persner, who served time as "'", one of the Nameless Ghouls of Ghost. MCC create cinematic sounding themes with captivating melodies and poetic lyrics. Their upcoming album "The Dying Option" offers a ticket into a state of mind seldom seen or heard in modern music. Here they manage to use classic rock to create an ambience beyond the regular riffs of today's rock and deliver ten fantastic songs far beyond what anyone could have expected. "The Dying Option" is produced by Niels Nielsen (In Flames, Ghost, Dead Soul) together with MCC. The album artwork is created by the renowned film director Claudio Marino (Behemoth, Watain, King Dude) and David M. Brinley (Ghost). MCC teamed up with acclaimed Swedish film director Sebastian Jern for the Silence-video.

  • 1 Arrows 
  • 2 Silence 
  • 3 Darling 
  • 4 Sleepy Eye June 
  • 5 Savantgarde 
  • 6 Dont Look Now 
  • 7 Tamsa 
  • 8 Valkyria 
  • 9 Dusk 
  • 10 The Dying Option


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